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Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, Thammasat University - Tha Phra Chan campus is located within the old city of Bangkok, known as Rattanakosin Island, which was formed by the loop of the Chao Phraya River and adjoining canals. Since the establishment of Bangkok as the capital city, the Island has been used to accommodate the Grand Palace, Royal Palaces, and government buildings making it the center of power in the country. Several major political changes affecting Thai history have taken place within this area. Thammasat University, especially the Faculty of Law, is regarded as one of the active players in the country's political development.

Facilities at Tha Phra Chan Campus

Sanya Dhammasakti Library.

The Sanya Dhammasakti Library, the country's largest law library, is located in the Faculty of Law building at the Tha Phra Chan Campus. The Library is renowned for its comprehensive and expansive book collections which include a wide range of publications n different languages, including Thai, English, German, French, and Japanese. The Library's collection covers most, if not all, areas of legal studies. ​

Law journals from top law schools and academic institutions, both Thai and overseas, are available on the shelves. At the Library, students have access to physical copies of LL.M a. and LL.D. theses, research papers, and collections of Supreme Court decisions. Access to electronic journal and research databases which include Westlaw, Heinonline, Kluwer competitive law, and H.W. Wilson is also provided.

Facilities at Tha Phra Chan Campus

Pridi Banomyong Library

The Pridi Banomyong Library is a riverside library, located underground beside the bank of the Chao Phraya River. As the central library, located underground beside the bank of the Chao Phraya River. As the central library of the Tha Phra Chan Campus, its catalogue holds over a million books in various subject areas including law. All books are retained on the shelves in the Libary's three underground storeys where students can also make use of study rooms, computer labs, and entertainment corners. There is also a section dedicated to ASEAN studies. The Library offers a number of online services: for example, an online library catalogue and an inter-library loan service which allows students to arrange a book delivery within Thammasat University's campuses.

Facilities at Tha Phra Chan Campus


There are two bookstores in Tha Phra Chan Campus;

Faculty of Law Bookstore: located on the first floor of the Faculty of Law building, the compact Faculty of Law Bookstore offers textbooks on every subject area of law, including civil law, commercial law, criminal law, public law, and international law.

The University Bookstore: situated next to the Tha Phra Chan Gate, offers a wide range of publications that cover a wide range of subject areas, especially social sciences and humanities. Foreign materials are available or can be ordered at the Bookstore. Stationery, student uniforms, and souvenirs are also on sale here.

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